5 Reasons Men Are Loving The SPARK Deck To Deepen Their Relationship.

5 Reasons Men Love it

1. It Transforms your home into a loving space

Having a good relationship is really important to men. It gives them freedom to express themselves and increases confidence. Every card is a new conversations that will deepen your reconnection and bring you both closer together. The big reason why we love these personal crafted questions are designed to magnify the great parts of your relationship.

We both learned something new that has brought us even closer. The time we played I found us laughing and having so much fun. Caitlin V created these video cards that are really unique and something we will be using daily to keep our relationship so strong.

Kathleen P.

Marco Island

2. It makes conversations effortless and fun

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that after awhile you get into a routine of the same conversations day in and day out. These expert crafted questions are fun ask and even more fun to answer. We love these questions because they make conversations effortless and also deep.

Couples will love the intimacy card game for fun, challenging and thought-provoking conversation starters.

Sophia W.

New York city

3. It actually works

Each questions is back by Caitlin V, Sex and Relationship Expert to deepen the intimacy in your relationship and reignite the desire for the both of you. We only want questions that are thoughtful and considerate to strength a relationship and these questions do just that.

A game that makes it easier to get to know your partner on a deeper level. A game for couples who want to strengthen their relationship by getting to know each other better.

Max V.

Chicago, IL

4. It's perfect Anywhere

Roadtrips to plane rides to just sitting on the couch in your pj’s you will have over 150 new and exciting conversations anywhere you go. The cards are beautiful and reflect the modern couple and are nice to display at home or on the go! We love how well they travel in a purse or backpack.

I am learning new things after every card prompt! How did Caitlin V do it? I feel like these are questions we should have been asking each other from the start of our relationship.

Veronica K.

Kansas City

5. It's super convenient

It’s never been easier to get quality question to create relationships that are based in fun and depth. A place where you can build trust and deepen the love you have for each other. Now you can get access to the Limited Couples Edition. We love this edition because it packs in 4 completely fun and unique Date Adventures that will have you laughing and make your relationship feel new all over again.

My wife and I love asking each other question from this prompt deck. They are fun and thought provoking. I find us talking for hours using only a few cards. Caitlin V expertise is unmatched.

Ashley T.

Los Angeles

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Connection <3


I have learned so much Love the prompts

Richard M. | Verified

Best Date Ever

It feels fun and easy. Light and exciting. What I learned is that after all these years there is still more to discover together. Don’t skip the video cards.
Lea F. | Verified

Quality cards and questions


I am learning new things after every card prompt! How did Caitlin V do it? I feel like these are questions we should have been asking each other from the start of our relationship.

Joshua A. | Verified

The First and only card deck created by a world-renowned sex and relationship expert that is fun and deepens intimacy in your relationship.

Caitlin V Neal, MHP, is an intimacy and relationship coach dedicated to helping couples have the best relationships of their lives — both in and out of the bedroom. Formerly a sexual health researcher and policy analyst, she was catapulted into internet stardom after one of her videos went viral.


Caitlin has empowered thousands of couples from more than 150 countries with her expert knowledge, scientific approach, and bubbly personality.

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